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TSi Elecpower is organized to deliver industry-leading power solutions for production machinery, factory automation, OEM’s, telecom, security, hospitals, laboratories, IT, residential & commercial space.

Strong Parentage, Best Solutions

    • TSi Elecpower (P) Ltd. was conceived in 2011 by a highly experienced power conditioning technocrat from the prestigious IIT Kanpur, along with his associates, and co-promoted by TSi Power-U.S.A. as a JV. The JV operates under a licensing & technology transfer agreement from TSi Power Corporation, U.S.A.
    • Experience of promoters jointly spans across power conditioning & energy saving applications in not only U.S.A. & Europe with stable power, but also covering all such countries that suffer from worst power quality issues, esp. in Asia & Africa.
    • The Indian JV works very closely with its parent company in catering to the needs of Asian & African countries as well as some European OEM’s.

Power products built to succeed.

We make revolutionary VRp-Precision PWM Line Conditioners, Real-time automatic voltage regulators, Isolating line conditioners & Neutral Compensating Transformers for both indoor and outdoor applications. We offer complete range of standardized products as well as bespoke, modular solutions. Our area of expertise is power quality improvement for low voltage applications, including unusual and challenging situations.

Our products are designed to operate continuously on 24X7 basis, at the outer limits of their stated specifications. To achieve this, we are particularly careful in our designs, we ensure to use the best quality materials available globally and we do not take any short cuts in manufacturing our products. We have strong bonding with our customers because they trust our products. The products are designed conventionally with proper sized components.

Power quality products are like a house foundation which, if not appropriately designed & constructed, will fail when pushed to its limits.

Our Commitment To Clients:

We have a team of technically competent sales & application engineers who will provide the right solutions to you. We are committed to provide:

  • Reduced time to market
  • Personalized services & follow-up
  • Responsive Technical Support

Our Sales Process:

At TSi Elecpower, we provide power solutions to customers in Africa, the Middle East, South East Asia &, of course, our home turf India. By doing business throughout the developing world, we fully understand the issues surrounding limitations of power distribution, available infrastructure, as well as the environmental conditions that affect the quality of power – in developing countries.

At TSi Elecpower, we export our products directly to end users, systems integrators and value added resellers. This enables direct communication with the actual customer – ensuring our customers get the right solution for their needs and we get the right feedbacks for continuous improvements.

When we receive an enquiry, a trained sales engineer handles the entire proposal engineering process required to give an appropriate quotation or resolve a problem. Our qualified engineers also work with OEM customers right from the beginning of the initial enquiry to production and installation, so as to ensure their project stays on schedule. We also provide support for system start up and maintenance to ensure consistent product performance.

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