Hospitals & Scientific Laboratories

Hospitals, Analytical and Scientific Laboratories

With broad products line and over 30 years of power conditioning experience, TSi Elecpower solves the power conditioning needs of diagnostic equipment manufacturers, hospitals and laboratories. We provide the right power conditioning solution for your next venture.

Solutions for Hospitals, Analytical and Scientific Laboratories

In order to protect responsive scientific and medical equipment’s from uneven AC mains voltage, TSi Elecpower provides a broad line of power conditioning isolation transformers and swift PWM-based automatic voltage regulators. They are designed to be consistent even under worst circumstances, eliminating breakdown and upgrades safety.

We provide numerous isolation transformer based line conditioner (ILC) and prompt regulating PWM based automatic voltage regulators (AVR). These products deliver the safety that hospitals and laboratories demand through regulated, reliable power to medical and laboratory equipment. Also TSiElecpower provides tailored products for the certain need of OEMs.


TSi Elecpower’s ILc line conditioning units with isolation transformer reduce leakage current to safe levels for patient-connected diagnostic equipment such as retinal tomographs and ultrasound machines. TSi Elecpower’s PWM based AVRs provide fast-responding regulation for diagnostic equipment such as CAT, PET and NMR scanners.


Our isolation line conditioner offers the elite versatile low leakage current line conditioning and surge shield for responsive medical and scientific equipment. They eliminate the requirement for a standard quality isolated and dedicated line, while reducing involvement from neighboring sources of disturbance.

The PWM-based AVR is a swift automatic voltage regulator accessible in a diverse range of voltages and sizes. Both single-phase and three-phase models are part of the standard product program.

TSI Elecpower offers bespoke solution to our customers with dynamic equipment that meets specific necessities of OEMs. For more information call us +91-2668-262122 or send us an email: we will do the needful!
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