Indoor Automatic Voltage Regulators

Indoor Automatic Voltage Regulators

Si Elecpower offers VRp series, indoor type Automatic Voltage Regulators, designed specifically to ensure smooth, uninterrupted operation of your expensive modern power electronics/microcontroller based devices used in houses, in offices, retail stores, diagnostic centers, scientific & analytical labs, telecommunications cell sites, railway signaling yards, aviation, surveillance, X-Ray & baggage screening stations. These AVR’s are available in both single-phase as well as three-phase versions.

VRp series integrates a revolutionary AC-chopper technology. It uses a dynamic response, high efficiency converter engine, which superimposes a high speed PWM correction voltage waveform on the incoming waveform, through a specially designed buck-boost transformer. In addition, VRp Automatic Voltage Regulator features surge and spike control along with EMI/RFI noise control.

In short, VRp series AVR provides completely regulated power via-dynamic regulation of surges, sags & brown-outs, elimination of spikes, electrical noises & real-time voltage regulation. Because there is no switching or break in the power path, hence it can handle all types of loads with equal ease.

Conventional AVR technologies do not possess this real time regulation capability, because they feature slow mechanical correction rate. As a result, they cannotprovide ideal power to modern electronic gadgets, resulting in frequent break-downs & malfunctioning.

TSi- VRp series AVR is available in standard fluctuation range of +20%. Most residential and commercial applications work adequately within a wide voltage range of 200-250 volts, accordingly our AVR continues to provide clean, usable power for all your applications over a widely fluctuating input voltage range of 160-300V.

The output power can be factory preset anywhere between 215 to 240V P-N. It has LED indications which are used for status annunciation. Its control PCB assembly is connectorized for easy replacement. The VRp series units are designed with heavy-duty electronics and magnetics to keep working even under extreme conditions at their outer design limits.

TSi- VRp has been highly standardized for performance reliability and fast delivery. The listed standard models are available as ex-stock or, maximum within 2 weeks’ time. Besides standard models, TSi Elecpower can also offer special, rack-mounted and bespoke VRp products as per the prerequisites of OEM’s. Kindly ask for an offer.

Indoor AVR Single Phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz

VRp series single-phase AVR units are available as standard models. Available capacities, along with detailed specifications can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Indoor AVR Three Phase 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz

VRp series three-phase AVR units are available as standard models. Available capacities, along with detailed specifications can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

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