Isolation Line Conditioners

Isolation Line Conditioners

Purify power while protecting your systems. Designed for applications where reliability is a must, TSi Elecpower’s isolation line conditioners protect your systems – and your investment.

We offer isolation line conditioner to solve numerous grounding issues. Our ILc series resolves grounding problems by establishing a neutral to ground bond and controlling ground leakage currents.ILC also provides improved safety, restricts short circuit currents, reduces the common &normal mode noise and provides surge protection to electronic devices.

An ILc can eliminate the need for a dedicated circuit or expensive rewiring. It is very useful when wiring is old or user does not have simple access to the neutral wire on panel boards.

We offer a complete range of ILc for industrial and medical applications. There are various configurations and options available and we can propose the ideal product once we know the precise application.

TSi Elecpower ILc can be offered as a single-phase, 2-phase, 3-phase or even a 3-phase to single phase device.It can be supplied either as a stand-alone ILc or integrated with our legendary VRp (VRp-ILc).

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  • Indoor Isolation Line Conditioners

    Select an indoor model to address your power problem, from random errors or equipment lock up.

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  • Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

    Used most often in telecom cell sites and remote outdoor applications, these products are typically built to our customers’ specifications.
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