Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

TSI Elecpower offers ILc range of outdoor isolation line conditioners which solve many grounding problems. They re-establish neutral to ground bond and decrease the ground leakage current. This helps to develop safety, control short circuit current, reduce normal mode of noise and provide surge control when supplying to high end electronic devices.

TSi’ s outdoor ILc is suited for applications where the unit is to be installed outdoors,due to space constraints, to obtain high quality ground and dedicated line. It removes the interference from adjacent sources of power disturbance.

Customers can expect reduction in service cost and equipment downtime when using our outdoor ILc- isolation line conditioner.

Our outdoor ILc- line conditioners can be offered in a range of sizes from 1,000 to 50,000 VA in single phase & from 3,000VA to 200,000 VA in three phase models. TSi ILc series Outdoor Isolating Line Conditioners are manufactured to customer orders; hence these would generally be made available within 6 to 8 weeks. They can be offered stand-alone or integrated with our legendary VRp series Static Voltage Regulator.

Outdoor Isolation Line Conditioners

Used most often in telecom cell sites and remote outdoor applications, these products are typically built to our customers’ specifications.

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