Precision PWM Line Conditioners

PWM Line Conditioners

TSI Elecpower‘s innovative technology of PWM Line Conditioning solves many power related problems of CNC machines. This technology has the ability to resolve entire power quality related issues arising out of unstable branch circuits, unstable power grids, bad wiring, poor local distribution, frequent generator cycling, frequent switching loads which cause countless voltage sags and surges.

TSi offers a complete series of precision line conditioners, based on VRp technology, which utilize PWM technology for constant, flawless correction of voltage surges, sags, brown-outs, spikes and electrical (EMI/RFI) noises.

TSi- VRp series of line conditioners are available in indoor versions, for a variety of applications including, but not limited to, CNC, automation, robotics, packaging, printing& powerlooms.

TSi- VRp works over a wide input voltage range to give precisely regulated output power. Due to its inbuilt surge voltage protection& EMI/RFI filters, it not only regulates voltage but also controls surges, spikes & electrical noise. All this & more, without any break in the power path & by using only passive components.These unique features makethe VRp machine compact, lightweight& maintenance-free. Thus it becomes an ideal choice of customers in need of highestquality of power for their most advanced machines.

TSi- VRp series precision PWM line conditioner, indoor model, is available in capacity range of up to 200 kVA, depending on voltage fluctuation range. The power efficiency of the series is better than 96% under worst input power conditions.

TSi- VRp has been highly standardized for performance reliability and fast delivery. The listed standard models are available as ex-stock or, maximum within 2 weeks’ time. Non-standard models are also available upon request.

  • VRp Series Indoor Precision PWM Line Conditioners

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  • VRp Series Outdoor Precision PWM Line Conditioners

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Fast, real-time, precision voltage control yes no yes
No switching of power path yes yes yes
Brown-outs elimination yes no no
Static design, no moving parts yes no yes
Over/under-voltage, phase imbalance cutoff yes no no
Overload/short-circuit protection yes no no
Surge, spike & noise control yes no no
Automatic bypass yes no no
Wide voltage input window yes yes yes
Soft switch-on during power cycling yes no yes
Voltage regulation – no load to full load Excellent Average Poor
Load compatibility Excellent Good Poor
Ability to handle regenerative loading Excellent, stays undisturbed Becomes unsteady Poor, can not handle
Energy Saving yes yes no
Reliability against breakdowns Excellent Poor Good
Servicing / installation Simple Needs support Simple
Power efficiency Excellent Good Poor
Size and weight Compact / light weight Bulky Only available in small capacities

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